Are you ready for 2018?

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I’ve got just what you need for a clean and tidy new year! Download my new cleaning schedule. It makes it easy to clean your entire home in just 40 minutes a day, over 8 weeks. You can do all 40 minutes at once or break it up – 20 minutes in the AM and 20 minutes in the PM. Whatever works best for your schedule.
Here are the instructions –
There are daily and weekly cleaning assignments…

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What does your health have to do with getting organized?

I’ve been MIA from #TheDeclutterCleanse for a few weeks.

Why? Because apparently, life had another lesson for me to learn.

Me trying to enjoy a day out shopping with mom this summer. Unfortunately, I got sick later that night…

I’ve been living with pain in the right side of my abdomen, back and shoulder for most of the year. I’ve been downplaying it – thinking I could solve the problem by watching what I ate. Over time, the pain intensified. I would get what Dr. Google called “gallbladder attacks” very late at night. I’ve never had children, but let’s just say I considered this intense gallbladder pain preparation for labor pains – it was that bad.

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How To Start A Garden

The weather is starting to warm up, the snow has melted, and I’m more excited than ever to start my very first backyard garden! Growing up I played in my grandpa’s HUGE backyard garden, and a few years ago I had a blast getting involved with a local community garden, but as a first time homebuyer I’m GEEKED to be starting a garden of my very own. The only problem… Continue reading How To Start A Garden

Unpacking Tips For After Your Move

Unpacking sucks. There is no other way to explain it. Every time I move I wish I had less stuff! But I don’t. I’ve downsized as much as I possibly can and until I get the energy to go through and do it again (likely near Christmas/New Year) I will be living with my current belongings so it’s best I make peace and get re-organized. I’ve already shared with you the good news, I purchased my first house, but today I posted a video (link below) of the progress made after one day of unpacking. I want to share with you a few strategies to make your move an easy one…  Continue reading Unpacking Tips For After Your Move

Take A Tour Of My New House

I’m BACK! Sorry I’ve been away for so long. I missed you and I have so much to catch you up on. A ton has happened since I spoke with you last…

By now you may have heard, I bought my first house last month! Yes, I’m 27 years old and I purchased my first home (video tour below). I’m really proud that I was able to check that box off on my personal goals list. In about 5+ years I hope to Continue reading Take A Tour Of My New House