The First Thing I Baked In My New Kitchen

My Donut Jar Last month I purchased my first home and moved in two days after closing. I’m super geeked to be considered a homeowner and of course I couldn’t let my first weekend in the house go by without preparing something in my brand new kitchen… Continue reading The First Thing I Baked In My New Kitchen


Shop Your Closet

shop your closetHere’s the dilemma – you’re not supposed to be spending money, but you’re craving a new look. The solution –  shop your own closet!

Instead of running out to the store only to spend money on something you really could do without, spend some time organizing and re-arranging your closet. You can make a cool new outfit from items you already own. Continue reading Shop Your Closet

28-Day “No Spend” Challenge

No Spend February ChallengeLong time, no blog post! I really hate when I let *stuff* get in the way of the things and people I enjoy spending time with the most. Blogging (aka virtually chatting with you) is very important to me and every time I miss one of my posting deadlines I feel super bummed…

Anyways, I’m back and I have a special challenge for ya! It’s called Continue reading 28-Day “No Spend” Challenge

5 Tips To Help You Plan Ahead

plan ahead |

Lately I’ve been setting small goals that I’m actually committed to. For example, two weeks ago I wanted to drink fresh green juice 3 days in a row – I did 5 days. This past week I wanted to workout 5 out of 7 days – I did 4 days, ate clean, and lost 3 lbs. I didn’t reach my goal of 5 days in the gym just yet, but I’m working towards it aggressively.

I share this because as I’m working to lose the winter weight I put on over a year ago, I realized I am experiencing results because I’m carefully planning ahead. I’m going to share 5 tips that will help you plan ahead as well Continue reading 5 Tips To Help You Plan Ahead

Minimize Clutter w/ Multi-Use Products

mason jar | organized AshleyWhen you’re trying to downsize your lifestyle and get organized, ask yourself – what is one product I can use to solve multiple problems or provide a variety of storage solutions? It might take some time to find the perfect multi-use products to fit your needs but once you find something that allows you to *replace* multiple products with one item – trust me, you’ll feel like a winner!

A example of this would be – Continue reading Minimize Clutter w/ Multi-Use Products

Clear Your Digital Desk

ClearYourDigitalDeskWe’re almost to the end of 2014 and I bet you’ve started to clean and organize your physical space in preparation for the new year – but what about taking a moment to backup your computer and clear out all your electronic files from 2014?

There are a number of different ways you can do this, but I’m all about working smarter not harder so if you want to learn my top 5 tips for clearing off your personal hard drive read on.  Continue reading Clear Your Digital Desk