My Favorite Things

Copper Peach Mesmerizing Mineral Palette

This is by far my FAVORITE eyeshadow palette for warm skin tones. It is highly pigmented and offers a very bright glow with little effort. I plan to do a video tutorial on this product soon but in the mean time you can click here to buy it for only $12 bucks.




Hand Massage: Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Hand Massage: Dead Sea Salt Scrub

If you have never had a hand massage, you are missing out! Every week I treat myself to the ultimate in-home manicure by starting off with a dead sea salt scrub that makes me feel like a queen. Just massage a little into your palms, then between your fingers, and rinse with warm water for silky smooth hands before you paint your nails. Layer with the complimentary healing hand lotion (listed below). Kick it up a notch and let your significant other rub it in for you, thank me later 😉

*Want it? Email me today. It’s only $28 + shipping. You deserve it.


2014 Erin Condren Life Planner
2014 Erin Condren Life Planner

There are a ton of options out there when it comes to planners but I have to say, the Erin Condren Life Planner is an awesome way to get and STAY organized. I created an unboxing video that you can watch here. I like that you can customize it with your name or business. It’s really fun when you start decorating the pages with tapes and colorful markers too. She packed the pages with colorful, inspiring quotes. Use this to track your goals and dreams!

Want to purchase your own? Use this link to get a customized planner of your own!


The Best Way To Get Soft Lips
The Best Way To Get Soft Lips

Okay, so I have tried the yummy EOS balm balls but after a while they started making my lips peel. I tried LUSH’s lip scrub, but it was rather messy with practically no results. To keep my lips from feeling chapped, nothing works for me except good ol’ Vaseline. Well, that was until I found this product. Now when I want to exfoliate my lips, this Lip Apeel product is the only thing I will reach for. It takes off the rough dry skin and leaves you with a nice soft layer in two easy steps. This product is unlike anything else you have tried – trust me.

*Want it? Email me today .It’s only $22 + shipping and will definitely last you all season.


Luxurious Hand Cream
Luxurious Hand Cream

I LOVE a good hand cream and this is the only one I use after applying the dead sea salt scrub. It has healing properties so I layer it on, then let it work its magic overnight. During the day I prefer sweeter scents, but this is perfect before bed while I sip my tea and read before dreaming the day away. If your hands are really dry, you’ll enjoy using it after every wash.

*Want it? Email me today. It’s only $15 + shipping. You’ll be glad you got it once you feel how soft it keeps your hands feeling, especially when the weather is nasty and cold.






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