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Shop Your Closet

shop your closetHere’s the dilemma – you’re not supposed to be spending money, but you’re craving a new look. The solution –  shop your own closet!

Instead of running out to the store only to spend money on something you really could do without, spend some time organizing and re-arranging your closet. You can make a cool new outfit from items you already own. Continue reading “Shop Your Closet”

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Grocery Shop Your Kitchen

Grocery Shop Your KitchenI hope you are joining me for the 28-day “No Spend” February challenge that I wrote about a few days ago. Even if your answer is no, this post should give you a few ideas on how you can save money by going shopping in your own house. Continue reading “Grocery Shop Your Kitchen”

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5 Tips To Help You Plan Ahead

plan ahead |

Lately I’ve been setting small goals that I’m actually committed to. For example, two weeks ago I wanted to drink fresh green juice 3 days in a row – I did 5 days. This past week I wanted to workout 5 out of 7 days – I did 4 days, ate clean, and lost 3 lbs. I didn’t reach my goal of 5 days in the gym just yet, but I’m working towards it aggressively.

I share this because as I’m working to lose the winter weight I put on over a year ago, I realized I am experiencing results because I’m carefully planning ahead. I’m going to share 5 tips that will help you plan ahead as well Continue reading “5 Tips To Help You Plan Ahead”

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Minimize Clutter w/ Multi-Use Products

mason jar | organized AshleyWhen you’re trying to downsize your lifestyle and get organized, ask yourself – what is one product I can use to solve multiple problems or provide a variety of storage solutions? It might take some time to find the perfect multi-use products to fit your needs but once you find something that allows you to *replace* multiple products with one item – trust me, you’ll feel like a winner!

A example of this would be – Continue reading “Minimize Clutter w/ Multi-Use Products”

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Clear Your Clutter

Organized Ashley - January ThemeBefore you can organize anything, you should clear your clutter.

Accept it.

Most things we have or think we need, really just take-up space.

So before you start the new year, I dare you to clear the old one out.

I personally prefer the instant satisfaction that comes from trashing, recycling or donating useless clutter. But if removing things from your house en masse or throwing them in the trash is too much, get started by creating these 3 piles instead. Continue reading “Clear Your Clutter”

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New Year. New You.

ashley's desk on food truck friday is deliciousJanuary 2015 is right around the corner, so if you have downtime around the holidays I suggest you spend 30 minutes preparing for the upcoming year.

My theme for January is in the title of this post. I know, it’s extremely cliché, but I think it’s fun and appropriate. Here’s why…

The best thing about the new year, is that you get a fresh start as you reflect on the progress you’ve made toward your long-term goals. Many people create “New Years Resolutions” but I won’t be asking you to do that. Instead, I want you to dream big and articulate the vision you have for your life – what do you see when you picture yourself at your very best?

What does this have to do with getting organized? Continue reading “New Year. New You.”