Are you ready for 2018?

ashley's desk on food truck friday is delicious
I’ve got just what you need for a clean and tidy new year! Download my new cleaning schedule. It makes it easy to clean your entire home in just 40 minutes a day, over 8 weeks. You can do all 40 minutes at once or break it up – 20 minutes in the AM and 20 minutes in the PM. Whatever works best for your schedule.
Here are the instructions –
There are daily and weekly cleaning assignments…

1st –  Identify which “area” you’re slotted to deep clean that week based on the color-coded calendar.
2nd – Break up that section (on a different piece of paper, like this one) into 5 or 6 small tasks for each day depending on your availability that week. For example, you should do a little bit of “Area 1” each day, Monday – Saturday.
3rd – Pick one day when you do your “weekly” cleaning assignments – for example, maybe Sundays are the day you dedicate to the weekly tasks.
4th – Plan ahead the night before so you’re ready for the next day. Each day you should complete your daily tasks PLUS your assigned deep clean tasks from the numbered area of the week. (2)
Let me know if you have questions! Can’t wait to hear all about your progress in The Declutter Cleanse.

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