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Plan With Me: What To Write In Your Paper Planner

I love feeling prepared for the week ahead. I take a few minutes out every Sunday to look at the upcoming week and make notes. When I really want to feel on top of everything, I even decorate my planner. I just published a new video that documents how I spice up some otherwise boring pages. It makes the tasks listed under each day ahead that much more fun…

Wondering what I use a paper planner for?

  • Personal Appointments: I keep most of my work appointments on my outlook calendar since it sync’s with my phone and makes it easy to track changes that happen frequently during my work week. My paper planner houses personal appointments like doctor visits, vacations, and my small business goals that aren’t likely to change.
  • Small Business Goals: I keep track of my weekly blog posting schedule, youtube video ideas, and other business related to-do’s and meeting dates in my paper planner. Since my small business activities are under my control they don’t often change. (Can you tell I don’t like scratching things out or erasing appointments in my paper planner? LOL! I want it to look as pretty as possible.)
  • Birthday + Holiday Plans: I keep track of my extended family members birthdays and family gathering dates in my paper planner as well. I even list the type of gift or card and when to send it, etc.
  • House & Car Maintenance Reminders: These are also dates and appointments that aren’t likely to change once they’re set so I write them in my paper planner as a reminder to check on xyz every 2,4, or 6 months.
  • Bills + Budget: I love tracking my bills on a paper planner. It helps me see, all on one page, where my money goes each month/week.

What kind of things do you write in your paper planner?



3 thoughts on “Plan With Me: What To Write In Your Paper Planner”

    1. To the average person this is overboard. It was to me too at first. Then I realized I am able to release some creative energy rather quickly on these planner pages. Scrap booking takes forever… lol


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