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Unpacking Tips For After Your Move

Unpacking sucks. There is no other way to explain it. Every time I move I wish I had less stuff! But I don’t. I’ve downsized as much as I possibly can and until I get the energy to go through and do it again (likely near Christmas/New Year) I will be living with my current belongings so it’s best I make peace and get re-organized. I’ve already shared with you the good news, I purchased my first house, but today I posted a video (link below) of the progress made after one day of unpacking. I want to share with you a few strategies to make your move an easy one… 

  • Pack by room and label your boxes. I didn’t mix and match items from different rooms when I packed the boxes. I kept all the kitchen stuff together, all the bathroom stuff together, I separated each bedroom, etc. That way when the movers unloaded the truck they took the box exactly where it was supposed to go. I spent less time sorting boxes and more time organizing my cabinets, drawers, and closets.
  • Unpack your most important rooms first. In my last blog post I shared with you that I moved in a very short period of time. I also started a new job just 2 days after I moved in. That meant I needed to have my clothes unpacked and my kitchen unpacked. A girls gotta look good for her first day of work and if you know me then you know I’ve also gotta have my morning coffee and eat! Take a look at what’s important to you and make sure you use your time wisely when you start to unpack.
  • Use your help wisely. I was fortunate enough to have my parents and boyfriend around to help me get settled into my new place. Since they likely wouldn’t know how I wanted my closet and makeup organized, I encouraged them to clean then sort my kitchen. I gave them a general idea of what items went where, then let them have at it! There are only so many ways to stack plates and containers – so for me that was the best assignment to share. While they worked on the kitchen, I got to focus on unpacking my bathroom, clothes, and other things I felt fairly particular about.

What other tips do you have for unpacking? Are you moving soon and stressed out when you’d rather feel excited? Ask me questions in the comments below – I’m happy to help! ♥ ashleygscott


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