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Grocery Shop Your Kitchen

Grocery Shop Your KitchenI hope you are joining me for the 28-day “No Spend” February challenge that I wrote about a few days ago. Even if your answer is no, this post should give you a few ideas on how you can save money by going shopping in your own house.

After you make the decision to really commit to this challenge you should take inventory. For example, go to your kitchen and plan your meals for the week. Try really hard to be creative and come up with meals for breakfast lunch and dinner using only the supplies you already have on hand. You can even print and use this nifty worksheet I created for you to make the process more fun and visual.

If there is something you absolutely have to have, go to the store but only purchase the bare minimum (1-2 items max) and make sure you’re committed to actually using it. The whole point of this is to clear out the old freezer, fridge, and pantry items you have been holding on to for months. All while saving a few bucks in the process.

You should also start a list of staple food items you always like to keep on hand. As you take inventory and plan your meals, list those items you reach for first. This will help you know what to purchase (on sale) after the 28 day “No Spend” February challenge. Certain dry goods like oatmeal, pasta, and rice plus the usual milk, eggs, fruit/veggies, are probably going to be on that list. Wine is something I always like to buy on sale and keep on hand as well (it’s fine, you can judge me) …

Remember, if you want help planning your meals for the week, download this free printable and fill it in as you see fit. Take this opportunity to cut out juice and even fast from coffee if you don’t already have it in stock. Water is free people!

What kind of questions do you have about meal planning during the 28-day “No Spend” February challenge?


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