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Minimize Clutter w/ Multi-Use Products

mason jar | organized AshleyWhen you’re trying to downsize your lifestyle and get organized, ask yourself – what is one product I can use to solve multiple problems or provide a variety of storage solutions? It might take some time to find the perfect multi-use products to fit your needs but once you find something that allows you to *replace* multiple products with one item – trust me, you’ll feel like a winner!

A example of this would be – Mason Jars. I know that Mason Jars are very trendy right now, but its a trend I don’t see dying down anytime soon. Particularly because of how useful they are! Mason jars are not just for canning anymore…

My mason jars can be spotted as:

  • a container for my morning smoothies
  • transportation container for soups, oatmeal, and other food items that would otherwise require a bowl or cup
  • vase for a small bundle of flowers
  • desk supply holder
  • laundry and bathroom supply holder (think cotton balls,, etc.)
  • tool organizer for the garage
  • dry good storage (for example, I keep my dry chia seeds in this instead of a bag)
  • trail mix container
  • and of course for jams, fresh pickles, etc.

So basically I have very few standard size containers for leftovers and other items because of my ability to re-use mason jars. I purchased a 12 pack about one year ago and only have a handful of other larger containers for meats, salads, and other food items that I make and store in large portions.

Mason jars help me in my quest to avoid “Tupperware”. I’m very careful about how much food I store over the course of a week (because I usually don’t eat leftovers beyond 2 days) and don’t have a ton of cabinet space so cluttering it with containers is pointless.

Instead, I’m slowly replacing all my cheap containers with glass, I bought (and love) mason jars, and yeah – life is good!

What are you favorite multi-use products?



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