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Clear Your Clutter

Organized Ashley - January ThemeBefore you can organize anything, you should clear your clutter.

Accept it.

Most things we have or think we need, really just take-up space.

So before you start the new year, I dare you to clear the old one out.

I personally prefer the instant satisfaction that comes from trashing, recycling or donating useless clutter. But if removing things from your house en masse or throwing them in the trash is too much, get started by creating these 3 piles instead. Make a Sell, Save, and Send pile.

Sell Pile = If you want to make some extra cash, list things you don’t need on e.bay, craigslist, or social media with the intent to sell them. You could even plan to hold a garage sale. Beware this option takes serious work so make sure it’s something you’ll actually make time to do, otherwise it will just turn into more clutter.

Save Pile = These are for important items or documents only. when I say important, I mean if your house burns down you want to have these in a security box, you need them for tax purposes, or you need them to complete an upcoming task. I’ve included some more categories and organizing rules in this free download to help you decide.

Send Pile = Put things in this pile that you would like to donate to charity, recycle, give to a friend or family member, or put in the trash. Basically everything you want to “send out of the house” goes here.


Are you planning to “clean up” while you’re off for the holiday? If so, have you thought about clearing out your clutter instead of always having stuff to put away, clean, and straighten?


Well I want to help you do that. Send me questions you have and I’ll write a blog post that will help you get a head start.

♥ ashleygscott


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